SAP Security across IT-landscapes: Strategy, Analysis & Risk Assessement

From international cyber security to forensics in complex SAP security issues - we are global specialists for SMEs and corporations

SAP Leonardo - Hardware Security, Architecture and Big Data

Secure architecture for the IoT and SAP Leonardo from hardware to cryptography. Protecting industrial systems, from sensors to SCADA control rooms

Breaking Bad: Penetration Test, Hack and Security for the SAP Cloud

Innovative approach is the controlled use of large hacker groups to test the company's cloud applications and create security concepts

Core Competence

Pen Test, Crowd Hack & Security for SAP Cloud Solutions Mehr Info
SAP Security in ABAP Programming and Code Analysis Mehr Info
Protecting SAP Industry Systems - from PLM to SCADA More info
Cryptography - Key to security in the Internet of Things More info

More than 25 years of international experience with major customers in the field of SAP, Cloud and security

Security at the level of cyber attacks at national level or for large companies is not a one-time project. It is a process that is highly dynamic on both sides. More and more attack vectors are being developed by Team Red, the cyberspace and organized crime attackers, and are being tackled by Team Blue, national states, and big companies with more and more technology.. Our mission as log (2) is to be the mediator in this massive deployment of security technology between the analysis of threats and the current implementation of enterprise protection, especially in the classical SAP, the Internet of Things (Io) with SAP Leonardo and the cloud solutions of companies offered by SAP

SAP Cyber Security Layer

This can only be watched from a new perspective on a "security layer", a new level of security in the enterprise. It is the mix of technology, organization and risk management that is a particular solution for every business. In cyber security, there is no "One Size Fits All", but it must always be seen as part of an overall strategy.

log(2) SAP Security Core Competence

The consulting concept of the log (2) uses conventional consulting approaches, but also new ways in the flexible support of our customers in complex SAP technology projects. Web conferencing, video center, cloud protection and on-premise work are combined into a comprehensive consulting approach From classic implementations to managed services to security operation centers ranges our experience.

IoT Security: Hardware & Cryptography Research Lab

Our worked is expanded by our new Hardware Security Lab, where we conduct research at the highest level on the development, analysis and architecture of secure hardware systems for the IoT and perform security studies and cryptographic pen testing on microprocessors, smart cards and point-of-sales systems ,


  • “All our Pen Tests in Europe are conducted by log(2). They guarantee a constant quality across all systems.”
    AXA Insurance USA/F/D/P
  • “log2 in conjunction with the accompanying workshop was an example of a very efficient and targeted audit”
    Axel Springer Verlag, Berlin Corporate Audit
  • “A very successful project about code security”
    Haufe Lexware Freiburg